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New Dawn Restoration Center
Ministry Organization & Development Questionnaire


The following questions are aligned with Pastor Julia's leadership directives for 2017:


  1. Internal consistency (reliable service)

  2. Individual committment *(heart, mind, body and soul)

  3. Unified construction (loving supportive leaders, working, growing together)


All three of these directives must be carried out with integrity.  We believe this starts with proper alignment with God, Home, Church, and Ministry.  We can't manage what we are not willing to measure.  This survey helps us (The MOD Squad and Senior Leadership of NDRC) to identify  ways to assist you in your ministry leadership.


As we strengthen our ministries, we please God, and we assist Pastor in our mission to deliver, develop (equip), and deploy saints for the work of the ministry.


Please click on the link below to complete the survey.  Please answer the questions as transparently as possible.

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